• House of podcasts relies on a team of talented people

    with extensive experience in the media, film, communication and digital sectors.

    Qéhie Jasari

    Executive Producer

    Her work is mainly focused on production of international documentary projects, which bring elevated stories to life with an emphasis on social issues and cross-cultural path.

    She is a production specialist (film and television) with over 15 years ofexperience and several award-winning films in major festival.

    Johan Poua

    Head of recording studio, Music Composer and Sound Supervisor

    An established sound supervisor : recordist engineer, original composer, sound designer, audio identity and synchronisation. Commercials, Documentary, Corporate,Television have all formed part of Poua’s years of broadcast and film experience.
    Over 200 collaborations including musical Artist (From Garou to Maitre Gims), France Télévision, M6 Group, Crédit Agricole, feature film (The Ascension), TGV, Universal Music, Disney, UNESCO....


    Johan is in charge of the audio and music aspects of the production. He manages the team of sound engineer.

    Ania Gruca

    Creative Director

    Ania Gruca is a French documentary and portrait photographer. While her personal approach revolves primarily around identity and cultural topics, she focuses mostly on development and women's issues. She collaborates on multimedia / video projects with institutions or non-governmental organizations such as the French Development Agency (AFD) or the United-Nations.


    Her role is to determines the creative vision of a project and manifest it with a 360 degree exposure.

    Françoise Nottrelet

    Head of Business and Content

    Françoise is an International Senior Media Executive, who build a network of creative partnerships and strategic commercial deals. She shaped her career in the media during her years at Lagardère where she played a key role in driving Lagardere pursuit of new growth opportunities including the launch of 15+ TV channel , pop up channels and non linear services from scratch in multiple language over 100 territories and M&A.

    She then joined MY ZEN TV where she served as Managing Director.

    Finally she joined the streaming/OTT platform AFROSTREAM, where she lead Content/Programming/Distribution and where she worked on her first podcast in 2016 (Le Tchip).


    Today her role is to think like a commissioner-producer-marketer and lead the editorial + commercial strategy.

    Laurent Cappoen

    Sound and broadcast specialist

    Laurent has expertise related to media and digital production content. He’s a pacesetter in digital media and produces multimedia content for television, radio and brands.
    He knows that distribution is key and launched an online distribution platform for digital content.


    Laurent oversees all work in progress and coordinate the sound and distribution process.

    Paula Soulomiac


    Paula draws on over 20 years’ experience in marketing, strategy and business development in media, wireless communications and consumer telecoms. She brings broad international knowledge to projects having worked with business international partners throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    Paula’s native language is English and she speaks fluent French and German.


    Paula leads the entire script writting and translation process.