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    A podcast about women who allow themselves to fall in love with other women.

    What do they have in common? Each of them had a romantic relationship with a man. Some women discovered that they were attracted to women long after their first romantic and sexual relationships with men.



    • Created by Elisabeth Chaudière

    • Script and French voices by Elisabeth, Anna, Raphaëlle, Marie, Anne-Fleur, Lauréline, Marion and Sophie.

    • Original Music by Hope So Production



    Sophrology is a psychocorporal and relaxation method that allows a harmony between your body and your mind. This method was created in 1960 by Alfonso Caycedo, a Spanish neuropsychiatrist born in 1932 in Colombia. Sophrology helps to develop a person's consciousness in order to increase their potential.

    For the listening sessions you will need to be calm and to put yourself at ease without scarf or belt that serves you. Sit on a chair, a sofa or just a tailor.

    Sophrology uses muscle relaxation with simple physical exercises associated with calm breathing and voice-guided visualization.


    • Created by Léa Stanislas

    • Script and french voice by Léa Stanislas

    • Original Music by Hope So Production

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